It’s Not You, It’s Me…

You may (or, indeed, may not) have noticed I’ve not posted recently.

Getting internet access has become difficult, and, seen as I’m out here for another few months… I’ve decided to call off the blog.

I came online to break the news, and discovered that I’ve been nominated for an award!

It’s a nice leaving present.

The One Lovely Blog

Rules of Acceptance

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Firstly, thanks to http://pickingalover.wordpress.com/

Erm, I’m supposed to share 7 unknown things about me, but you guys know everything down to the fact that I female ejaculate, so this might be hard…

1. I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in life after death

2. I’m missing a rib right where Adam’s was taken to make Eve. Does this make me masculine?

3. Love truly terrifies me, and I think is the only thing that does

4. I’ve never given anyone a blow job

5. My favourite thing to do in bed is to go down on a girl

6. Feet scare me, but I once went out with someone with a foot fetish so I let them lick my… *shudder*. This happened once and I nearly threw up!

7. This blog has shaped me incedibly as a person, in terms of my relationship, my sex life, and my sexuality.

And now for my nominations!

I’m treating this as a bit of a leaving present to these lovely people, too.

http://theoblack.wordpress.com/: Theo writes beautifully about his relationship with the elusive L, and some of his passages will move you near to tears.

href.li/?http://justcassie.wordpress.com: Cassie is a pagan blogger who writes about many different things with, again, a beautiful hand. She’s extremely insightful.

http://thehookupstories.wordpress.com/: The hook up stories are down to earth stories which will make you blush!

http://thirtysomethingsingle.com/: Another dating blog, again written with a level-headed, down-to-earth attitude which is needed for blogging about sexy things!

http://pinkagendist.wordpress.com/: Despite being an ex-porn star, the Pink Agendist writes about LGBTQ issues, and has started his own website for the protection of LGBTQ children being bullied at school. Well worth following to keep up with the latest equality issues.

http://lesbianbrooklynite.wordpress.com/: A very interesting, well written,  down to earth blog worth a follow.

… Over and out!

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3. Neck

There’s a chain of events that lead to sex.

Whether it starts with “can I buy you a drink?” or not, a point you’re bound to come to is when they kiss your neck, or you kiss theirs; and it’s a crucial point in this chain.Image

Too early and it’s all down the pan.

Too late and you’ve missed your chance.

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Coming Out: A Constant Process

I never actually came out as such; I basically told 2 people, 1 being my ex boyfriend, and let the rumour mill do the hard work for me. I came out to my parents though, and we’ve never discussed it since.

I made, in both these “coming out” situations, a mistake so many queer people make: I assumed that once I was “out”, that was it.

It’s not. Continue Reading »

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Long Distance = Horny

I’ve lasted months without sex – no problem. If I didn’t find anyone I wanted to have sex with, I’d go without. I can use my imagination and last until something – someone – better comes along.

So why is it that now, only 19 days after I got onto that god forsaken plane, am I struggling? Continue Reading »


Pop My Cherry?

I’ve had quite a lot of sex.

There are times I remember – the amazing multiple orgasms from the guy I hated at work, the time I had sex with my best friend…

There are times I don’t remember. There are at least 7 different one night stands lost in a mist of depression and alcohol.

However, one time everyone will remember is their first time.

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2. Nails

It seemed fitting that hair and nails should be next to one another, but the general order of this strand of my blog is from the outside in: starting with the peripheral body parts and working towards that ever elusive goal: the G Spot.

Although nails aren’t something we spend, as a race, a massive amount on, they’re still strangely highly placed. Manicures, varnish, all sorts – at least, for some people.

Again, this is another thing your gaydar checks for. Do they have long or short nails? Are they wearing nail varnish? Are their nails clean?

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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Lies…

Why do people lie? I can understand a little white lie, or even lying in one or two other cases. To protect yourself or others. To big yourself up. I’m not saying I condone these lies, just that I understand them.

What I don’t understand is people telling blatant untruths, just to be malicious.

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